Ever since the 2012-2013 school year, the Openbare Montessorischool Oegstgeest has worked with the concept of the ‘Leerplein’. The Leerplein is a place at school where children can receive support in many areas and further develop their own specific talents. This way the school gives shape to the offering of tailored education and talent development.

At the Leerplein, the children work in small groups on various subjects under the guidance of support teachers. Children feel more safe and secure in smaller groups, they are never the exception. Every child that attends the montessorischool is likely to join the Leerplein at some point. Learning from, and helping one another, not only fits with the Montessori vision but has also been proven to work excellently and

The groups are led and supported by specifically trained teachers and specialists. Within the groups attention is paid of course to individual needs and differences. This is done through cooperative methods, extra instruction, and guided exercises. For the learning process to work as well as possible, it’s important that parents are also involved. Children don’t just practice at the Leerplein, but can also strengthen what
they have learned at home. The child will get fun school-&-home tasks to do. This ensures that the teachers as well as parents get an impression of the development of the child and know what they are working on at the Leerplein. This will also be made clear through other communication with parents, like flyers with information about the lessons.

After each module parents receive an overview of what has been done at the Leerplein, there will be an evaluation and an advice given over any follow up within the group or at the Leerplein. Regarding the Leerplein, the teachers are the primary contacts for parents. They discuss the action plans and evaluations, and discuss together with the internal supervisor before children are registered to Leerplein. The Leerplein combines with the educational needs of the children in the groups.

The school year is divided into four Leerplein periods. Before every period it is checked what is needed at that moment. There are different support areas, or modules developed.

● Social-emotional development (SamenSterk)
● Draw your conversation [Teken je gesprek]
● Guidance for foreign language speaking children
● Guidance for IkWilRekenen from AVE.ik
● Maths Challenge
● Reading group 3
● Reading/Spelling groups 4 to 8
● Psychological education
● Phonological awareness (group 2)
● Reading for foreign language / NT2 children
● Letterster
● LAB (extra challenges)
● Extra hard calculations
● Mindfullness
● Art class (drawing & painting)

It is intended to develop more modules. The Montessori school wants to give children the opportunity to further develop their talents and have the Leerplein play a part in that.