Openbare Montessorischool Oegstgeest

We are a Montessori school. In contrast to most traditional elementary schools, the Montessori model does not provide a standard pedagogical program. In following this model, we align the curriculum to meet the needs and interests of each child without forgetting the importance of achieving the basic educational requirements of an elementary school. Our school's methods also pay particular attention to the student’s social development. The classes are made up of different age students, they learn to help each other and learn to help themselves, asking for assistance when needed.

Openbare Montessori School Oegstgeest strives to offer children a modern Montessori education in a safe pedagogical environment. 

Here on our website we explain our vision of the Montessori education in detail. The characteristics of the Montessori education are highly visible at our school. In the spirit of the Montessori philosophy, we are also open to new trends in education and child development.

Since the beginning of the Openbare Montessori School Oegstgeest in 1984, we have grown significantly from six to sixteen groups. Most of our students are from Oegstgeest.  About 30 percent of the students are come from nearby communities such as Leiden, Katwijk, Rijnsburg, Noordwijk, Voorhout and Warmond.

Openbare Montessori School Oegstgeest is centrally located in Oegstgeest.

In June of 2003, we moved to the beautiful and spacious school facility on the Lange Voort in Oegstgeest. The principles of Montessori education were carefully considered in the design and planning of our new facility, which is open, spacious and colorful.  In most areas of the school, there are separate work spaces and at the heart of the school lies a communal space. We share the premises with the Oegstgeest Childcare Foundation (SKO). There is a large playground with various types of equipment and a beautiful garden which children and parents maintain. We have access to a gymnasium for the middle and upper classes, and to a playroom for the lower classes. We share the gymnasium with other schools in Oegstgeest.